How Can I Deal With Stress At Work

We all know what stress is. We experience it more then we are even aware of. Ever notice how stress almost always comes from an outside source. Usually something that is out of our control. A lot of people experience stress in there workplace. Most people are not even happy at there job because of stress. So the burning question is: How Can I Deal With Stress at Work?

Stress is a reaction, which means it’s usually not a calculated move. When we hear or see something that is stressful we just react. In this article lets go over some important steps, so we can respond to stressful situations instead of react.


I talk about awareness a lot when it comes to stress management. It is our first step. We can’t change something if we’re not aware of what it is.

Let’s start today. No better time then the present. How do we become aware of things that stress us out in life and in this case the workplace.

Start to pay more attention to yourself. What are some of your triggers? What bothers you? Maybe there is a certain person that just rubs you the wrong way? Start to take a personal inventory of yourself. Write it down if you can’t keep it straight in you’re head. Then when these triggers come up you’ll at least recognize them and you will have a better chance to think about the situation and what your next step is.

Respond Instead of React

Ok so now that we’re aware of our stressful situations, we can now give it some thought. We can now recognize and think, hey this is happened before. I recognize this pattern. When we play the story along in our mind we will also become aware of our reactions in the past. Have you ever reacted to a stressful situation and regretted it later on? Even if you’re right its still hard to justify your behavior. This is a great example of reacting to stress. If we take a minute and think about the situation, then we can respond to it. This will help you deal with a stressful situation a lot better and look respectful doing it.

Self Respect Instead of Ego and False Pride

This step is a little more challenging. We need humility when dealing with our ego. Especially if were dealing with our boss. This can always be a stressful situation if you don’t like being told what to do, or if what you’re being told to do, in your opinion is something you don’t particularly agree with.

Our egos can get in the way of our growth. We would rather be right instead of happy. Or when were wrong we don’t admit it because of our ego and false pride. Humility and pride is the best direct result of how we best handle a situation whatever the outcome.

These are tools to help you respond instead of react and feel great after doing it. Maybe this is a big part of why you’re not happy at your job and if not then this will definitely help your own work environment.

Choose Positive CO-Workers

In smaller workplaces is hard to choose your co-workers or who you spend your time with, but whenever possible choose to be around positive people. This will help you in your journey. If not just remember people are all at different stages in there lives, just like you.

We can’t change people but we can change who we associate with. If your situation is different and your triggers are all around you then this is where your self-respect comes into play. Handle things with a calm and if need be assertive manner.

You will be surprised how it might rub off on other people. They will start to become more positive and if not then at least they’ll respect and see that you’re not engaging in there negative behavior and stay clear of you as much as possible.

I have been in healthcare for 20 years and have worked on floors where residents have Dementia, a type of Alzheimer’s that can make them very afraid and alone. As a result they will scream. Well of course this is not there fault and my heart goes out to each and everyone of them but this is a very stressful work environment.

Early on in my career I became aware of my stressful work environment. This is a different circumstance then a co-worker or a boss, but nonetheless stressful.

For anyone in healthcare or mental health. Just remember to breathe and take some time for yourself. I have learned to incorporate the yelling or loud noises into my every day life. I don’t let my emotions get the better of me I just take it in, ┬ájust like all other sounds I use to stay in the moment.

If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes

If you don’t make any of these changes then nothing with change, at work and in your life.

So now you have some tools to work with. Its time to take action. Start practicing these steps. There is no mastering this, we have to get up everyday and start over and practice. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and eating a proper diet. These are things that can help with stress as well. It does get easier.

It starts with a thought or an idea in our mind or maybe something you learned on here. Once we entertain the idea it becomes a vision. When we start practicing it on a daily basis it becomes more of a habit and a way of life. Then it gets easier. We find ourselves responding without even thinking. Just like when you reacted without thinking.

Change is very possible, as a matter of fact its easy. The hard part of change is consistency, staying with it every day and not falling back into the same patterns and same routines.

Remember none of us wanna be stressed. We don’t just wake up every day and say I think ill go to work and have a bad day. We stress because this is all we know and we’re afraid of change. Or were afraid of the unknown, but ask you’re self. Is the unknown better than what you know now?

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