Artoid Conch Comfortable Sleep Weighted Blanket Review- Sleep Like a Baby

Product: Artoid Conch Sleep Weighted Blanklet Review

Price: Starting at $79.99 (kids) $115.99 (Adults)

Cheapest Place to Buy:                                                                      

Size of Blanket: From 40″x60″ 10lbs up to 60″x80″ 20lbs 

My Rating : 9.5 out of 10


The Artoid Comfortable Sleep Weighted Blanket Product Overview-

For years I have been looking for a heavy blanket. I have used a down filled duvet which helped, but I found it wasn’t heavy enough. This blanket has 20lbs of distributed weight covering your entire body. Made of 100% cotton and unique Hypo-Allergenic glass beads which makes for the perfect weight and temperature while you sleep. It feels like a firm hug. It is what a comforter should be.


Is it Priced Right?

I have payed almost double for a duvet not including the cover and the duvet only came in white. Comforters can start from $50 and up. Blankets and quilts can be very expensive. I have invested in something that is going to promote a better quality of life and less stress, anxiety etc.. For around the same amount of money. It is priced very well.


Research on the Weighted Blanket

There have been numerous tests done. To help with everything from ADHD to Insomnia.

A test done on 31 adults with chronic insomnia. They all used there regular bedding for 1 week. Then for 2 weeks tried the weighted blanket. The last week their regular bedding again.

Four out of five participants said they like the weighted blanket. They said they slept longer and went to sleep faster. With the help of a sleep study they also spent less time waking up in the middle of the night.

A study done on 42 children ages (8-13) who had ADHD. Sleep tests and parent diaries found that they fell a sleep and woke up less times during the night, compared with other children who don’t have ADHD.

What once was used as a tool for therapists is now gone mainstream.

Weighted Blanket


Things to Know

Each blanket comes with a certain weight. For best results multiply your body weight by 10%. So for example, a child that weighs 50 pounds would need a 5lb blanket and so on. A 180 lbs user would need 20lbs. Im 205lbs and use the 20lb weighted blanket.

Also the 20lb blanket is a bit heavy to wash. I wash mine with nothing else , but you might wanna consider a cover. This product comes with a 12 month warranty.

See product information    click here


In Conclusion, I’m Sold

I have already purchased this blanket. I would not recommend a product if I didn’t truly believe in it ,or try it myself. Sleep is essential to ur health and stress

I highly recommend this blanket. To purchase  click here


I hope you enjoyed this product review and continue taking steps with me so together we can all stress less.

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