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Hello everyone and welcome to We Stress Less.


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Let’s be honest we all want less stress in our lives. Coming from a very stressful environment myself, as soon as I was old enough to get out of my childhood environment I have been learning ways to cope with the everyday struggles that stress can offer us especially in this day and age.


I started realizing stressful situations when they came up. I became more aware. We can’t learn from our problems if we’re not aware of them does that make sense?

Awareness is the first step to all our problems and most stressful situations.

Once you’re aware, you can change old patterns and behaviours and replace them with new ones to practice in your every day life.

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to be a better person and become more happier and healthier.

This is why I started this website, one person at a time we can all stress less.


A little story about my Stressful Life

I grew up in an alcoholic home and had my first drink when I was just 11 years old. I continued to drink throughout my teenage years and started to realize that not only was I a product of my environment but I was also falling victim to it. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not responsible for my actions. Just liI’m responsible for my decisions moving forward.

When I was 25  I decided to quit drinking and 6 weeks later I was diagnosed with cancer, as you can imagine it was a very stressful time in my life.We Stress Less

Most people even today ask me why did you quit drinking, how were you able to deal with having cancer so early on in your sobriety?  My answer was this, ” because I never dealt with anything when I was drinking, I was just avoiding the stress in my life by masking the pain and not allowing myself to feel anything” So if I didn’t change, drinking might have killed me. If I wasn’t sober I may never got treatment for the cancer and I wouldn’t be here today.

I was finally dealing with my stress and I would not be alive if I didn’t. I started to think about living in the solution instead of living in the problem and one moment at a time has turned into 23 years later. I wrote a song and made a video thanks to my friends at rocketpro.com who helped with the music and chorus. Click the link below. I hope you enjoy it.


Wayne Singing

The world has changed

Busy TrafficThings have changed, We live in a very fast pace society. If it wasn’t for our subconscious mind we would forget to breathe most of the time.

As a matter of fact conscious breathing is one of the ways we can reduce stress. Ever hear the expression take a deep breathe? Yea, me too well guess what it works. When we’re aware of our state of mind then we can change how we react to different stressful situations as they arise.

Awareness is the key to our state of mind and our state of mind is the key to Less Stress.

This content is the core starting place and a new beginning at We Stress Less. If you are aware then you can change. Then you can move forward with decisions in your life. Like accepting the things you can’t change, or worrying about what other people think. As we grow in self care we start to Stress Less. We start to take care of ourselves through mind, body, and soul. Stress lives in the past and future so stay in the moment.

Change your mind and change your life

Stress kills, it’s behind almost every medical disease out there. The good news is we can start over today. It’s never to late. Starting today just for a moment at a time just clear your mind and breathe and continue from there. Change is not hard it can happen right now in this very moment. Consistency is the solution, start a new belief system. Its time for change . The alternative wasn’t working out, that’s why you’re here. It all starts with changing your mind.


All the best,


Founder of westressless.com


2 thoughts on “About Wayne

  • After viewing this web page We Stress Less,I found this extremely calming very well put together.No doubt this web site will help guide many,certainly help put their mind to ease knowing they are not alone.Much respect for Wayne Barrett for not only sharing his past,present. Obviously a lot of thought and hard work on this heartfelt site.

    Cheers to the brightest future:
    Debbie Sheppard

  • I love this!
    The key component here is
    “Change Your Mind”!

    That is the root to everything
    in our lives! We think it and
    then we be it! We are our thoughts.

    So why not make each and every
    thought a positive constructive one!

    I know I am striving for that!

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